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How's My Driving?
Do you have feedback or critique on how I play Jack? This is the place to give it! Also if you could provide links to examples with any critique, that would be excellent, since it'll help me identify (and improve!) the issue.
If you'd like to talk in slightly easier but still private way, you can send a PM!

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Dec. 3rd, 2016 09:02 pm
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Dec. 3rd, 2016 08:31 pm
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First of all, for a general purpose opt-out, Jack is a pretty polarizing character to say the least, and considering his own history of being an abuser and generally terrible person to pretty much everyone, I totally understand if you'd rather not tag him! As such, if you'd prefer I not tag you with Jack for any reason, please let me know here! Comments are screened, and there's absolutely no need to explain why you'd prefer I not tag!

Though on the flip-side, because of Jack's AU and the time he's ICly been in the game (five years at game start), I'm absolutely open to establishing some CR with Jack as a part of a shared history! For the sake of ease, I'd prefer any relationships to be acquaintance-level, but if you'd like to skip the awkward hellos, they can absolutely have met before! Jack is most likely to have interacted with employees of the Company or with RAC agents, but if you see a way that a character can fit into his history (see his au cheatsheet or application), I'm open to talking it out!

As mentioned for part one there, comments are screened since I can't be selective with that setting, but I'll unscreen all comments for this portion of the permissions. Hit me up for establishing CR!
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[ On Tuesday, Yuno will be getting a pretty out of the blue message from Jack! He does actually have something in mind here that he wants to talk to her about, but. First thing's first: ]

Hey, Yuno. Sorry for uh

Well probably should've sent you another message sooner? After Saturday night. Buuuut kinda got distracted, honestly. This place is like equal parts HELLA boring and then I'm busy trying to figure stuff out. Crazy stuff.

How're your legs doing, kiddo?
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[ So at some point on Monday, Jason and Luke both will be getting a chat request from Jack. This is probably unsurprising in itself, but when the video flickers on (since I'm assuming they have video by now sweats), the bright, pleased smile on his face may not be a surprise, but the pride in his expression just might be. He's still without his mask, and behind him is a rather quaint looking cottage, but. Enough about that. ]

Ohhh my god, you guys did great!

[ That's nothing short of glowing praise from Jack, who doesn't actually give it that easily, but. He does add on after a moment: ]

Right, uh. How ya feeling, guys? Getting stabbed kinda. Yeah, it pretty much sucks. But.
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[ After their conversation, Jack had left Elizabeth to go find Rhys. It was unsurprising, since whatever bond Jack and Rhys had, it was... complicated, to say the least. Jack going to hunt him down earlier would have perhaps been worrying, and maybe it still was. Even so. As the weeks had gone on since Rhys's death, there had definitely been a fading resentment for Rhys, so Elizabeth could be fairly certain that Jack wouldn't still be holding that rage.

Of course, when she approaches Jack's little cabin, she'd be free to have doubts about that, because there is definitely yelling.

But weirdly, it's melodic yelling? Jack is truly belting out some kind of song, but it's not really singing so much as yelling.

The door is at least unlocked, so she can let herself in, but. It's definitely a super fucking stupid sight, because Jack is definitely yell-singing the chorus at Rhys. He gets to "size of your mainframe" before jabbing a finger at Rhys and moving onto another thought: ]

Nonono, fuck you, I stand by this, you're a total ass for making that your encr—

[ Though he seems to notice Elizabeth at this point, so he abruptly stops and looks at her. ]

Oh, hey, Liz. Found him.

[ this is Fine ]
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You let Jack be in control of the trial, so this was the natural consequence tbh...
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[ Jack has admittedly not had the best time when interacting with the Queen earlier, and if Yuno has been watching, that's probably pretty obvious. While everyone drinks (Yuno included, tsk tsk), Jack abstains in silence. His thoughts are pretty clearly elsewhere, and for a long time, he's not quite open to talking to anyone.

However, whether he snaps out of it or simply pushes himself forward, eventually he does at least recover enough to not be quite so brooding. There's not really any indication as to what he may have seen, and he's not very inclined to talk about it either. However, the person he ends up seeking out is probably some kind of hint towards it, though she herself wouldn't know, and it's probably not even conscious on Jack's part.

Wherever Yuno is chilling, Jack will end up approaching her, and through handwaved magic, I guess it's somewhere private enough for a private conversation. I don't have to explain shit. ]

Hey, kiddo. How're you doing?

[ He pauses, seeming to consider something, then shrugs before he adds: ]

...Kiiinda been preoccupied lately, which, uh, you know why now, but, hey. My bad for not asking earlier, I guess? You're- [ Another pauses, though this one is brief ] Nah, I won't put words in your mouth here. Let's start with the basic one first.
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[ Jack hadn't quite forgotten about wanting to talk to Dorian, but for a while after things calm down (at least, so much as they could), Jack just keeps to himself in silence. It's pretty clear that whatever the Queen had shown him had shaken him, since a thoughtful, pensive silence didn't exactly suit the person Jack had been up to this point... But whatever it is, eventually he at least decides that it can't stall him.

He'll take the time to ask Luke to accompany him, and Adam comes along as a result, which Jack doesn't actually object to at all in this case. He seems distracted more than actually really caring one way or another, and that carries to when the group goes to find Dorian too.

Still, that said, it might not exactly be a bad thing. Jack is more subdued by now, hardly the argumentative and baiting tone he'd been carrying earlier. ]

So. You had something to say to me, as I recall. Hope you don't mind me bringing my clique, since, y'know, not the most trusting guy.
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[ There's been a group of people trying to hunt down Dave since he had woken up, but at least it's not to, you know, revenge murder him. Though that said, all of the members of said group are probably aware enough that this isn't quite Dave's concern. It's been pretty much impossible so far, and maybe as a joke, or maybe completely seriously, Dave will find a note on his door at some point in the day, and it's very clearly Jack's handwriting: ]


(you totally do)



[ Jack probably did not get buy-off on this method.

Even so, at four, the crew is definitely chilling in the viewport regardless of Jack's stupid methods. ]

C'mon, there's at least— I dunno. Thirty percent chance? I'll go with thirty. That he'll show. Bonerfarts are funny.
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So, uh.

On a scale of one to ten, how mad are you gonna be if I ask "what are you wearing"?
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[ Here's the Scooby Gang (Jack is definitely Scooby), down to the bio lab in the middle of the day. Granted, they're definitely a weird group to be hanging out together, but Jack figures that if someone walks in, it's probably less suspicious as compared to if they had done this in the middle of the night. Probably. It's what he's hoping, if nothing else.

Jack himself heads over to the controls for the CAT scan, giving them a look over with a smile. ]

Man... This shit is so old. Don't think I'll ever get over it.

[ He looks up towards the rest of the group, and he snickers. ]

What, for us either being here willingly or otherwise, you think they would have at least stolen some tech. I mean- They came and stole me, the friggin' CEO of on of the biggest tech manufacturers in the galaxy, and this is the best they can do? Pfft. Amateurs.

[ He leans on the machine, then nods to the CAT scanner itself. ]

Anyways. Who's up first?
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[ So after the trial, Jack will briefly approach Luke, Elizabeth, and Jason and ask all of them to come stop by his room in an hour. Luckily, if it helps them feel more secure about coming to chill with the resident (public) murderer, he does tell them about the other invitees. What does Jack want to talk about, though? He says it's "something you'll want to hear," which is pretty ominous sounding, admittedly.

Though of course, when they show up, Jack is sitting at his desk with his feet perched up on the desk leisurely. He smiles, pleased, and nods to them. ]

Aaaand here we are. Thanks for stopping by, kiddos, [ And to Jason: ] sugartits. You want something to drink? You might want it, 'cause I've got a doozy of a story to spin for all of you.
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like honestly, go for it, i'll play this
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